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Unlock Your Writing Potential with Exclusive Tips from a Bestselling Author

Are you an aspiring author seeking to turn your book dream into a reality? Or perhaps you’re an established entrepreneur aiming to amplify your authority and expand your reach through the power of the written word. Look no further! The Weekly Drive is your gateway to mastering the art of writing a bestselling book and propelling your business to new heights.

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Join me on Zoom for 30 minutes + Q&A

Every Wednesday at 4 pm (UK Time)

What is the Weekly Drive?

The Weekly Drive is an exclusive, 30-minute live Zoom session hosted by a seasoned and bestselling author. Each week, you’ll delve into invaluable insights, tips, and hacks straight from the expert’s playbook, designed to equip you with the tools you need to craft your own literary masterpiece.

Who Should Join?

Authors, aspiring and established

Coaches looking to expand their influence

Speakers seeking to amplify their message

Entrepreneurs aiming to grow their business through the power of the written word

What to Expect:

    Engaging 30-minute live Zoom sessions

    Q&A opportunities to get your burning questions answered

    Access to replays of past Weekly Drive sessions

    19 June








    Topics Covered

    Ink & Insights: The Art of Journaling

    Blogging to Bestseller: Crafting a Book from Your Blog

    Structuring Success: Building Your Book’s Foundation

    Chapter Craftsmanship: The Art of Storytelling

    Referencing Your Genius: The Writer’s Guide

    Probing Pages: The Art of Authorial Research in Writing

    Stories that Stick: Weaving Personal and Universal Tales

    Words that Work: Mastering Emotive Language

    The Author’s Companion: Harnessing the Thesaurus

    The Power of Three: Crafting Triumphant Narratives

    Sentence Sorcery: The Magic of Structure

    The Review Revolution: Polishing Your Prose to Perfection

    Clarity on Personal Branding

    Visibility Challenges

    Navigating Publishing Options

    Structuring the Book

    Scaling Business Impact

    Navigating Networking and Speaking Opportunities

    Clarifying Vision and Goals

    PR Opportunities

    Chapter Framework

    Boundless Books Worldwide

    Implementing Business Tool

    Expanding Beyond the Book