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At Book Brilliance Publishing (BBP), we’re on a mission to work with ambitious coaches, speakers, and entrepreneurs at every level of development. Through collaboration, our team is passionate about delivering high-quality service, distribute and mass market brilliant books, and ensuring your message reaches a wider audience and creates meaningful changes in the world.

We’re a community of heart-led authorpreneurs, dedicated to empowering and supporting one another. If you have a story to tell, we’re here to guide you every step of the way. Whether you’re a first-time author or a seasoned pro, we have the expertise and success strategies to position your work globally within the publishing world.

We believe that every author deserves to have their work recognised and celebrated. That’s why we’re committed to delivering consistent results and making your book timeless.

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From Humble Beginnings:
Tracing Our Journey to Becoming the Author’s Choice For Book and Business Success

Brenda Dempsey

Meet Brenda Dempsey:

Founder and CEO of Book Brilliance Publishing


Brenda Dempsey is the inspiration and the driving force behind BBP. As a master coach, speaker, and leader, she has earned numerous awards for her outstanding achievements in various industries.

Brenda’s story is one of strength, self-belief, and resilience. After her abusive marriage ended, she found herself homeless with four children. But Brenda refused to be defeated by her circumstances. With grit and determination, she persevered and completed her B.Ed(Hons) degree to fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming a teacher. Despite facing further challenges in her life, she found the courage to transition and make a fresh start by moving to Surrey from Scotland.

The Inspiring Journey of Book Brilliance Publishing:

How it All Began

As a result of Covid-19 pandemic Brenda saw it as an opportunity to pursue her passion for making a difference and created something truly unique: Book Brilliance Publishing. With a wealth of experience and expertise in education, psychology and publishing, she established herself as a leading voice in the field of authorpreneurship.

As the #1 Holistic Publisher in the world, in just under three years, we are privileged to work with talented authors and entrepreneurs from 21 different countries across five continents. With a growing reputation for excellence, we’re attracting more high-profile and global clients every day.

BBP Authors Map

BBP was recently recognised for its outstanding work in diversity and inclusion and judges enthused it as “a small business punching about its weight.”

We believe in the power of books to change lives and shape the world, and we play our part in making our authors’ dreams come true.

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Our commitment to providing a holistic approach to publishing sets us apart in the industry. BBP provides a supportive and collaborative platform to allow you to share your story with the world. Our team of experts will guide you through the publishing process of the Author’s Adventure and empower you to make an impact with your words. We believe that every story must be told and we’re here to enable you to open doors of opportunity with your book.

BBP offers full-service publishing solutions to open doors of opportunity on a global stage. We provide everything you need to set deep solid foundations that develop a marketing mindset and distribution services to multiple platforms (40k outlets in over 200 countries worldwide) including Amazon, Gardners, Barnes & Noble and Waterstones, assisting you to showcase your work and reach a global audience.


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