Reader’s Report

An objective look at your manuscript

A Reader’s Report is a professional, objective look at your manuscript which will give you helpful suggestions and ideas to get it ready for the next stage, which is editing.

It is an essential part of the writing process and often the first time your manuscript has been looked at by someone outside your circle.

A reader’s report is an overview of the manuscript, and includes comments and suggestions on the following:

The title

Your ideal reader

Categories that your book can be placed in bookshops and on Amazon

How your book engages the reader

A breakdown of each chapter

Whether more or less is needed on a particular subject or a specific character

Your style

Extras such as direct/indirect speech, quotes, copyright, images and so on.

Remember, if you decide to join us on The Author’s Adventure, the cost of the Reader’s Report will be deducted from the overall cost of the project.


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