Book Marketing Package

Pick & Mix Marketing

Your book will remain on the shelf without great Marketing and PR. That’s why at Book Brilliance Publishing we offer Marketing & PR as standard in our publishing packages and as bolt-ons for you the author who needs an extra boost to sell your book and raise your profile. It is crucial that your book stands out from the crowd and gets noticed by both the media and the book-buying public alike. The Pic N Mix allows you to get that extra hand to make sure your book is a success.

This package includes: (see separate attachment for icons/images)

  • Branded digital products
  • Book2look
  • Marketing Plan
  • The best-seller campaign plan
  • Press release writing
  • Press release writing and distribution
  • Video interviews
  • Book trailer video
  • Online book launch
  • MSP US radio interview and media
  • KDP Kindle upload
  • Kindle set up KDP and upload

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