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The Author’s Adventure™!

Your Authorpreneurship Success Roadmap

The Author’s Adventure™  is a holistic approach to your journey to writing and publishing your bestselling book.

Our seven stages, culminating in the Hall Of Fame as a published author, take you beyond your book so you can excel, expand and elevate YOU and Your Business on a global stage.

Apart from publishing, marketing and launching your book, we take you beyond your book where you can establish your LEGACY.

The Seven Stages

The Author’s Adventure is broken into seven stages taking YOU, your BOOK and your BUSINESS to the Hall of Fame and doors of opportunities to help you evolve, expand and elevate.


We hold your hand each step of the way to empower you to becoming a world class AUTHORPRENEUR.

Our bespoke advice will always be right for you at the stage you are at and never overwhelming or ‘one size fits all’.
The Author's Adventure Roadmap


Your adventure begins here. Each stage of the Author’s Adventure provides you with a variety of tools, success strategies and collaboration opportunities.



Here starts your Brand’s evolution. This journey takes your Brand to a whole new level where it  responds to a changing environment, you and your story. →



Pre-marketing your book is vital because it helps you build anticipation and excitement among your potential readers before the book is even published. ↵



When you know the structure and framework it takes the fear out of starting and you can write with ease. →



This journey takes your Brand to a whole new level where it responds to a constantly changing environment. →



Every book is a business and it’s time to bridge your book with your business. Your book is your new business card. ↵



Increased visibility, amplified voice and authority and a consistent presence guarantee to take you beyond your book and expand your reach and opening doors of opportunity on a global stage.


Become part of...

The Author Power Hour
Make time for success through our author power hour habit training, keeping you in flow and growth 

The Author’s Academy
A centre of excellence for authorpreneurs

The Field Focus Sessions
A daily time for focus to develop your knowledge, skills, and brilliance


The Deep Dive Sessions
A one-to-one session with our master coach

The Venturers Village
 A momentum-driven group of ‘Venturers’ just like you  

Networking events and profile raising
Awaken Your Voice  & Voice & Pen

Refuel with enthusiasm for the adventure ahead –
your JOURNEY to writing and publishing your

We will help you…  

Write a definitive book and put your gifts to a great use and let your brilliance shine

Build a solid foundation for your expansion and growth

Write a well structured book that talks directly to your client like you’re having a one to one session

Create your brand awareness  that enables you to scale and grow your business on a world stage

Learn the secret of great marketing strategy and campaign as easy as 1, 2, 3  and to implement your book campaign with ease 

Kit & Equipment

ISBNs (3), Editing, Layout Design, Typesetting and Proofreading, In-house Full Cover Spread Design, eBook Conversions and upload to World Book Trade including Amazon , Collaborative Approach – Developing and Enhancing Business Model

Access to Teamwork, for collaboration, storage and retrieval of all files and information for total transparency, Book Trade Promotion – Advance Information Sheet/ Press release to International (UK, USA, Canada & Europe) Press & Media, Book Marketing Digital Products Pre-& Post-Launch, Project Management, 10 Complimentary copies, Copies to the British Library, Depositories and National Libraries in UK 

Access to BBP Academy through the Venturer’s Village

Digital Marketing products and support across Social Media, 90 Day Pre-and Post-Marketing & PR Plan , Advance Information Sheet for accessing Book Trade and Stores, Targeted press releases to book & media contacts and data base with follow up, Online Videos Training and PDFs

BOOK Mock Up Marketing Shots Post-Publishing, Book2Look Biblet – Online Marketing Tool, Book Review Promotion to raise profile and boost sales, Best Seller Campaign on Amazon for Kindle (Author’s Choice), Bespoke Landmarks (30-40) and timeline with dedicated support , YouTube support and enhancement with our YouTube Builder for greater impact, growth and increased sales (optional).

Press Release, PR outreach (all UK leading media outlets), follow up and admin , Interview on The Author’s/Expert’s Voice – Video/Mp3, Social Media Pre-Launch Campaign, Feature on BRILLIANCE Magazine, Opportunity to feature as Guest Blogger on BBP website, Guest Speaker at Voice & Pen and Awaken Your Voice, Access to BBP’s PR opportunities and connections as a BBP Author.

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Brenda head coach

Meet your Head Coach

Brenda is an award-winning entrepreneur, philanthropist, and publisher. 

A master coach, she is also a bestselling author and woman of influence. Having a prominent and highly successful career behind her as an educator, she has a unique and powerful skill set that has enabled her to consistently facilitate the success and growth of others in many industries. 

Passionate about writing and publishing, and putting you at the heart of your business growth, she has many influential contacts in both media and editorial, which have ensured that authors and clients of Book Brilliance Publishing have been hitting high levels of success.