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Working with Book Brilliance Publishing has been so helpful and I am glad I didn’t go down the route of self-publishing.  They went above and beyond supporting me as a new author.  My marketing social media posts were filled with thanks for all their hard work during my author’s journey. 

Colin Tansley

Brenda and her team were helpful, committed and embraced bringing our vision to reality with VIBE. They showed great patience, creativity and optimism throughout the highly collaborative process.

Heather Prince & Jo Baldwin Trott

Brenda is an expert Anthologist so it was easy for me to choose BBP as the publisher for The New Woman.  Navigating the journey with BBP at the helm provided great assurance for me and the co-authors. Brenda went above and beyond to speak to each of us and host meetings, ensuring we all knew what we needed to do as a team.

Ritu Sharma

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At Book Brilliance Publishing, we not only strive for a perfect and elevated publishing experience for you as an author, but also an innovative and high-quality standard professional process that positions you and your work in the most influential ways for success.

Brenda Dempsey

Be part of our community of authorpreneurs, who have grabbed their author’s journey with both hands, where they have driven, and we have navigated, enabling  them to achieve their goal of becoming an author on a global stage.

Our Values

Our Values


We work to the best of our ability to produce an excellent service for our clients, through teamwork and collaboration, going above and beyond to ensure that our authors’ dreams become a reality.

Our Values

Our Vision

We are building a Brilliant Global Community of Like-Minded, Legacy-Led Authorpreneurs, guiding them to Achieve Happiness, Success, and Prosperity.

Our Values

Our Mission

We are on a Mission to Make a Difference to Legacy-Led Authors, and Deliver Simple Success Strategies, empowering them to go beyond their Book Brilliance; creating Extra-Ordinary Lives, Businesses and Legacies.

Our Services

A professional, highly qualified and reliable team with a consistent work ethic is a cornerstone at Book Brilliance Publishing. It is vital to fuse our expertise with committed writers who want to see their work published in a high-quality way to global audiences.

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