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“Writing is the painting of the voice.” - Voltaire

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At Book Brilliance Publishing, we not only strive for a perfect and elevated publishing experience for you as an author, but also an innovative and high-quality standard professional process that positions you and your work in the most influential ways for success.

We work with authors of all calibres and know that by valuing your work correctly and supporting you on your book journey to ensure the foundation elements are right, is key. With conscientiousness, duty of care, clarity, innovation, and high standards (our company bywords), it is easy to see why Book Brilliance Publishing has continued to add to its consistent successes, by taking on many new authors and helping them grow exponentially in new markets. Be part of the winning formula that is growing our authors, and helping us become known as a trusted brand and market leader.

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Our Values

Integrity - Collaboration - Reliability

A professional, high-quality, and consistent work ethic is a cornerstone policy of Book Brilliance Publishing. We know that fusing our expertise with committed writers and authors, who want to see their work published in a high-quality way to global audiences, is vital. This is important not only in book quality preparation and presentation, but also for our worldwide trade suppliers and its market positioning at the final stage of the publishing process.   A high-quality book is necessary when passed to our specialised and globally acclaimed Marketing and PR Team.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to work with, find, and establish new authors, like you, at every level of development and talent, and deliver your work in a highly professional way to mass markets so your message not only offers great returns, but creates important improvements throughout the world. In addition, we are driven to empower, support, and guide authors with extraordinary stories who have led fascinating lives, to share their message to global audiences. We believe in heart-led writers and have the success strategies to position high-quality work globally within the publishing world, empowering our authors and their work in consistent ways, that make books timeless. Join the success movement for writers, who are constantly gathering momentum and producing astounding results at Book Brilliance Publishing – and work with the experts that will help you publish that life-changing book you’ve always wanted to write.

Publishing is a serious business. That is why we have a proven process and formula for our authors, guiding and valuing their time, effort, and work. Whether you are a career author, a new business author, or your work is a labour of love – be assured of our attentiveness to your needs throughout our collaborative process and the professional quality work and placement your book deserves.

Our Service Packages

Creative Author Package

The perfect creative/high-value package for aspiring, new and first-time authors.

Business Author Package

The perfect choice for business leaders and KPIs wishing to build a business from their books.

Young Author Package

The supportive, value-packed, creative package from Book Brilliance Publishing enabling young talent.

Career Author Package

A high-value exclusive package designed for the serious professional Global Author.

Audio Book Package

The high-quality Audiobook Package that covers everything, positioning your book correctly into the market.

Branding, Marketing & PR

Work with exclusive and proven specialists to make your work global, successful and a bestseller.

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