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When the norm no longer satisfies the hunger of men…

Publisher and Anthologist Brenda Dempsey brings together 17 men from around the globe who are ready to embrace their power for the good of humankind and show how they have become the Voices of Strength.

Here are their inspirational stories…

The Voices of Strength are: Douglas Vermeeren, Dexter Moscow, Shareef Amin, Dennis Pitocco, Matt Evans, Satwinder Sagoo, Prof. Dr Jagdish Khatri, George Greig, Colin Tansley, Matt Mo CVO, Eric Manu, Dr Kevin Ward, Jamal Ahmed, Mark Stephen Pooler, Adam Greenwood, Sam Dossa, and Simon Alexander Ong.


Brenda Dempsey

About the Author

Brenda is an award-winning entrepreneur, international bestselling author, philanthropist, anthologist and publisher. She is the CEO of Book Brilliance Publishing. Brenda is a bestselling author and a woman of influence, and was voted Woman Leader to Look Up To in 2022. She is also the Chief Strategic Officer (CSO) of the International Institute of Influencers, the Vice President of the International House of Speakers, and an Advisory Board member of Africa and Asia Chamber of Commerce. Having a prominent and highly successful career as a teacher and coach, Brenda has a unique and powerful skillset that has enabled her to consistently facilitate the success and growth of others in many industries and countries around the world.

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236 pages


Non-fiction; anthology; true stories; memoirs

Book Reviews

“Men who share their voices of strength, stories and insights help us understand how we can use our inner strength to face what is before us and better understand the power within us.”

Paul Corke – Author, speaker and well-being thought leader