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The Little Book of Wolfie Wisdom is a collection of witty one-liners and snippets of insights into life. Drawing from his vast experience in law enforcement, Colin Tansley shares his unique perspective on life, offering profound reflections. Each nugget of wisdom is accompanied by his personal thoughts, providing a deeper understanding of its significance, and inviting readers to pause, reflect, and grow. Unlock your true potential and embrace the power of Wolfie Wisdom. Whether you’re seeking daily motivation, or simply a moment of contemplation, this little book is a powerful companion. Order link

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Colin Tansley

About the Author

Colin Tansley is the author of Mastering the Wolf, an account of his life and career in both the British Army and the Police service. Now retired from public service, he runs his own cyber security and investigations business.

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89 pages


Non-fiction; quotes; reference; inspiration

Publication date

17th October 2023

Book Reviews

“This book is a must-read, and I guarantee will be a daily pick-me-up, and go-to for people when they’re feeling a bit lost.”

Lee Oughton – Kindness Crusader