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Like fudge, to be resilient is to have a balance of both firmness and softness. You know the recipe is right when you are thriving and living your best life.

Resilient As Fudge is suitable for anyone regardless of where they are in their life voyage. Designed as an all-in-one book, journal and self-development programme, Resilient As Fudge integrates its insights into your life, and is designed to help you:

  • Get to the gist quickly
  • Use the images as a quick visual reference
  • Practice each idea using a weekly Life Saver exercise
  • Cut through much theory to give you big wisdom in minutes

Join Dr. Glenda Rivoallan on a twelve-month voyage of self-discovery to help you build your own resilience blueprint, tool kit and resilience backpack. This book will help you to improve your wellbeing and happiness and, ultimately, be successful, whatever that looks like for you

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Dr. Glenda Rivoallan

About the Author

Dr. Glenda Rivoallan is an entrepreneur, wellness expert, and learning junkie who is passionate about helping the maximum number of people live healthier lives. She has spent the last thirty years in the wellness industry, and is a straight-talking businesswoman and regular guest speaker on the radio and at conferences on all things wellbeing. This is her third book.

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Publication date

19th October 2023


260 pages, full colour


Non-fiction; health & well-being

Book Reviews

“Readers will discover new strategies and insights that lead to a more resilient life and work culture. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to elevate their resilience game.”

Mr Jessie Pavelka, Founder of Pavelka Wellness