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Darren possesses an extraordinary gift: the ability to travel through the astral plane. But when a journey during one astral projection takes an unexpected turn, Darren finds himself thrust into an adventurous journey through time.

Darren stumbles upon Julie-Anna, a young servant from the sixteenth century. As their bond strengthens, Darren and Julie-Anna discover they hold the key to saving the conscious world from imminent doom.

But with Dargon, an evil force, slowly approaching them, they must summon the courage to face their greatest challenges.

Join Darren and Julie-Anna on an unforgettable quest filled with thrilling adventures. As they learn that working together can have monumental consequences, will they find the strength to save their two realms, or will everything be destroyed?

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Jim Inglis

About the Author

Jim Inglis is an author, speaker, musician and hypnotist, and lives in the Scottish Borders. Since writing his autobiography some years ago, he became interested in writing a novel which would take the reader's imagination on a journey of adventure and discovery in a world where magic exists and anything is possible.

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166 pages


Fiction; adventure; fantasy; friendship; children; YA

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