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Lessons Life Has Taught Me is a collection of stories and experiences from different parts of the globe exploring life’s complexities – its highs and lows.

The eighteen contributors share their golden thread stories as they head down a path of deep reflection, to inspire others and start conversations on taking control of the present and looking forward to a brighter future.

The contributors are: Adesola Orimalade, Fatima Alimohamed, Kevin Tong, Aysha Iqbal, Lara Rogers, Idowu Adebayo Thompson, Adaeze Oreh, Junjuan He, Nina Bressler, Amelia Samai-Nicome, Shervonne Johnson, Susana Ecclestone, Natasha Preville, Minal Srivastava, Natalie Heilling, Geri Maroney, Christopher Weguelin, and Gabrielle Botelho.

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Adesola Orimalade

About the Author

Anthologist Adesola Orimalade was born in Nigeria and relocated to the UK some years ago, He had a successful career in banking, before moving into Corporate Treasury. A published author and avid writer, Adesola enjoys writing for children and young adults.

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216 pages


Non-fiction; anthology; true stories; memoirs

Book Reviews

“Fascinating stories of adaptation and resilience. A window into our complex, rich world. Down-to-earth voices, telling tales of self-discovery, self-challenge and self-compassion. Rewarding reading.”

Ian Gregory Strachan
Associate Professor of English at The College of The Bahamas; Playwright; Poet; Novelist

“This book is a must-read. It is filled with stories of individual journeys and how to overcome adversity through self-determination and resilience.”

Dr Kate Anolue
Former Mayor of the London Borough of Enfield; Councillor; Author of Time for Purpose