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Embark on a riveting journey that transcends the boundaries of war, delving into a remarkable life shaped by courage, sacrifice and an unwavering commitment to justice. This gripping tale chronicles the harrowing experiences of a British war veteran, and paints an emotive portrait of a soul driven by an unyielding desire to fight for the liberation of a nation in turmoil.

Meet Shareef, whose life takes an unexpected turn when he signs up for a life-altering call for help from Ukraine. He is thrust into a world of turmoil, confronted with the plight of ordinary people ensnared in the throes of war’s merciless grip. Witness brave souls he encounters along the way, and the Warrior Queens that leave an indelible mark on his heart.

In Freedom at All Costs, you will be transported to the front lines of humanity’s struggle for freedom, where camaraderie and valour coalesce to create an unbreakable spirit. Prepare to be moved, inspired and forever changed by this stirring tale of heroism, sacrifice and the enduring strength of the human spirit.

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Shareef Amin

About the Author

Shareef Amin is from Bristol, UK. After witnessing the horrors of 9/11, he joined the British Army, in which he served for nine years, including tours of Afghanistan. In April 2022, he travelled to Ukraine on a humanitarian mission, and joined the fight for freedom.

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318 pages


Non-fiction;, memoir,true story

Book Reviews

“Shareef’s story is a glaring reminder of the effects and dangers of war.”

Colin Tansley – Author, Veteran and Former Police Officer