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Enchantment contains charming poems and stories with meaning and a lesson as well as ‘other potions’ that involve meditation and rituals. The child-like poems are inspired by nature and animals.

You are dared to open up your heart and be moved by the innocence of life and the magic you once believed in as a child.

With a foreword from Joshua Seigal, award-winning poet.

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Bella Donna

About the Author

Bella Donna is a Life Coach with a difference, with 30 years' experience in nursing, psychotherapy and Shamanic Practices. Her vision is a world where people find their path to authentic Connection, Joy and Freedom. Bella's mission is to guide you on a unique transformational journey connecting you to nature, and your inner child; revealing the power of passion, play, and pleasure.

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209 pages


Poetry; magic, spells and potions; nature

Book Reviews

“The poems and stories in this enchanting collection come from a deeply personal place. The pieces in this book are the perfect antidote to anxiety, stemming as they do from a place of stillness and simplicity: ‘how simple life is’.”

Joshua Seigal, award-winning poet