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By Dr. Glenda Rivoallan

In the next instalment of Meet the Author, we meet Dr. Glenda Rivoallan. Dr. Glenda is an entrepreneur, wellness expert, and learning junkie who is passionate about helping the maximum number of people live healthier lives. She has spent the last thirty years in the wellness industry.

Dr. Glenda is the author of Resilient As Fudge, her third book, but her first with Book Brilliance Publishing. Resilient As Fudge is released on 19th October 2023. https://www.glendarivoallan.com

Describe your book in 30-50 words.

The book is the culmination of 30 years’ experience in helping people live their best life. I take the reader through the resilient mindset, skillset and toolset in a practical 12-month journey which introduces the reader to 52 different tools or “life savers” each week. It really is a voyage of discovery of the self. 

Why did you want to write a book?

This is my third book. Resilient As Fudge was important to me to write as I was passionate about sharing these potentially life-changing tips, tools and resources with as wide an audience as possible. We all deserve peace and happiness in our lives and we all have the ability to become more resilient. 

Who is your book aimed at?

The book is aimed at anyone who wants to raise the dial on their own personal levels of resilience. It’s suited to anyone who is passionate about living their best life by working on themselves and understanding the part we play in thriving. 

What is your vision for the book?

My vision is that people use the book as a friend in their pocket. A practical resource with real-life application. Old wisdom for each new day. 

What is your favourite book and why?

The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari by Robin Sharma. A lovely parable that takes you on a spiritual journey littered with powerful life lesions.