The joys of being an author run a lot deeper than just launching the book itself…it’s the journey in getting there that really puts meaning to it.

Everyone has the power to write an inspiring book, but it is all about the grit and determination in getting there and following it through that enables you to stand out from the rest.

When I wrote my book it started off very messy. I had hundreds of scrap papers with so much written on it I just didn’t  know where to start.   From that place, I finally wrote a quotes book, only to realise there were so many out there.   My confidence was deflated and dwindling.  Subsequently I was becoming very anxious about the costs of writing the book as the publisher needed about £3500.  This was exacerbated by the fact that my business was not performing as I had envisaged.  Despite these negative thoughts –  I HAD TO LIVE MY PURPOSE OF REACHING OUT TO THE WORLD WITH WHAT I HAD LEARNED, NO MATTER WHAT!

With professional support, I rewrote my manuscript to incorporate my stories which gave it a personal touch. I then spoke to the publisher about how I could pay and I was set up on a monthly payment plan. It was brilliant! I simply could not believe my luck; but it was luck that I created myself because of my determination and will to win, qualities of tenacity that are so important to success.

In the process of promoting the potential arrival of the book many people, including big leaders knocked me back and told me I shouldn’t bother, that my story was not big enough and that I was not in a position to be as successful as bigger names. My anxiety briefly kicked in, thinking they could be right…BUT THEY WERE WRONG. I always affirm my own mantras and believe life is about creating your own powerful shadow, as Darren Hardy says, ‘your life is made up of the little choices that you make.’  I made a choice to listen to my heart instead of listening to the naysayers.  In the end my book had a successful launch.

If you believe you have a book in you, go for it.  Be patient, but work hard, be tenacious, stay focused and…

…something I always love to say…



Satwinder Sagoo