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Step #1: Schedule Your Author Strategy Session

To ensure you have the best guidance and support for your writing and publishing goals, we recommend booking a personalised author strategy session. Our master coach, Brenda Dempsey, will help you chart the ideal path for your unique vision and set you up for success.

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The “Venturer’s Village” Community Hub is the vibrant center of our community, where aspiring authors like yourself gather to exchange ideas, seek advice, and celebrate their achievements. Whether you’re just starting your writing journey or have reached significant milestones, this is the perfect place to connect with like-minded individuals.”

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FINAL STEP – Begin Your Adventure

After accessing our Community Hub, your first step is to embark on the ‘Start Here’ onboarding course. This course will guide you through essential resources and exercises to further prepare you for your author strategy session. We want to ensure you make the most of your time and derive maximum value from the program.

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