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Join us on a journey that transcends borders and celebrates the Voices of Women from diverse corners of the world, united in their mission to empower, uplift, and create change.

Here are their inspirational stories…

Introducing: Bailey Merlin; Layla Begum Ali; Rosa Lopez Antonini; Judith Ratcliffe; Dr Christi A Campbell (PhD, FNP); Natalie Heilling; Lyndsay Dowd; Tiba Al-Khalidy; Eve Stanway; Mimi Bland; Andrea Malam BEM; Tracy Ho; Amanda Frolich; Dr Leslie Davis; Laura Bosworth; Dr Carolyn M. Rubin; Christy Amalu; Julie Lewis; Natalie Alsop; Dr Shama Hussain; Caroline Purvey; and Brenda Dempsey.


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Brenda Dempsey

About the Author

Brenda Dempsey is an award-winning entrepreneur, international bestselling author, philanthropist, anthologist and publisher. She is the CEO of Book Brilliance Publishing.

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402 pages


Non-fiction; anthology; women’s memoirs; business; leadership


Book Reviews

“Leading with compassion, confidence, and control of the voice is demonstrated by every female in the book.”

Dr Lady Kendal Jaggar, Journalist, Radio Presenter, Critic, Author, Speaker