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Voices of Hope brings you inspirational and heart-warming stories from women around the globe who found themselves in impossible, negative, or dangerous situations, but managed to summon up the courage and strength to raise themselves up and escape.

Brenda Dempsey is a Publisher, Master Coach, Teacher, Mentor, Speaker and #1 International Bestselling Author. She has found a love of writing and uses this to assist other women in raising their voices with their own stories. She is a Scot who now lives in Surrey, UK.

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“Voices of Hope is a reflection on women of great courage and determination who’ve honoured their authentic nature despite their challenges, and found their ‘song line.’ Being in alignment with their true nature has taken spirit to overcome adversities and their stories are inspiring and unique to remind us of our own. Each one of us has the ability to find our ‘own story’ and Brenda’s book reminds us of this beautifully.”

Amanda Hart
Intuitive Consultant, Speaker and Author


Brenda Dempsey

About the Author

Brenda Dempsey is an award-winning entrepreneur, international bestselling author, philanthropist, and publisher. She is the CEO of Book Brilliance Publishing.

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450 pages


Non-fiction, Anthology, Memoirs


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“What a fabulous book filled from cover to cover with incredible and inspirational true stories by women who have faced trauma and adversity then turned their lives around to triumph.”

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“I’m in love with this! A fantastic read, hope-inducing and empowering, especially to women, but really to all who find themselves pushed into a corner.”

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“This book is a compilation of amazing stories written by some truly inspirational women. I am in awe of their courage, overcoming life’s challenges and wanting more for themselves.”

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