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Voices of Courage is the vision of life coach and speaker Brenda Dempsey to bring extraordinary women together from around the globe to share their stories in an inspirational book of strength, courage, and transformation. Brenda is a Publisher, Master Coach, Teacher, Mentor, Speaker and #1 International Bestselling Author. She has found a love of writing and uses this to assist other women in raising their voices with their own stories. She is a Scot who now lives in Surrey, UK.

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“Voices of Courage is a document of women, their vulnerabilities, challenges and ultimately their triumphs. It is a thought-provoking, inspiring and motivating read that reminds us all, men and women, that we are not alone in our fears, anxieties and seemingly insurmountable obstacles.”

Yvonne Joye
Freelance Journalist and Author


Brenda Dempsey

About the Author

Brenda Dempsey is an award-winning entrepreneur, international bestselling author, philanthropist, and publisher. She is the CEO of Book Brilliance Publishing.

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284 pages


Non-fiction, Anthology, Memoirs


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“Every author has a different and amazing story of triumph after suffering real lows in their life. This book gives people hope, never give up there is always a way back from the depths of despair.”

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“A powerful and honest account of women turning their life around.”

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