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Uncharted Waters is an invitation to explore the many ways WATER can teach you important life lessons about embracing change, facing challenges, finding flow, and building resilience. As you dive into the pages, you will embark on a powerful journey of self-reflection and personal growth through thought-provoking journal prompts, inspirational quotes, insights, and stories.

This is more than a book: it’s a compass and guide to a more fulfilling and connected life.

It’s a timely and timeless call for taking action to protect and preserve water so it can take care of us for many generations to come.

Take the plunge, discover your hidden depths and sail into an ocean of new possibilities.

Remember you are water and water always finds a way.


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Julie Miles Lewis

About the Author

Julie M. Lewis is an international professional speaker, seasoned explorer, and bestselling author. She's most at home in nature and loves helping individuals, teams and organizations unlock their highest, healthiest, and most resilient potential.

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314 pages


Non-fiction; mind, body, spirit; philosophy; personal growth


Book Reviews

“Put Julie’s ideas into practice, and your relationship with yourself, each other, and life on our water planet will deepen.”

Dr. Wallace J. Nichols, Author of Blue Mind