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Join Karen as she takes a life-changing trip to the Antarctic which leads to her making an impulsive decision to leave the corporate world behind.

As she lives on a Russian base in the Antarctic dealing with angry sea lions, living and working in remote conditions and surrounded by stunning scenery, Karen discovers the courage to find a different way of living her life.

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“There is nothing as enlightening as being on the edge of the world to make you appreciate the wonder and fragility of our planet and our fellow man. … You will no doubt resonate with Karen’s story and be encouraged to take a look at your life and perhaps be inspired to make different choices.”

Robert Swan, OBE, BA, FRGS
Polar Explorer and Environmental Leader

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Karen Espley

About the Author

After 15 years working in large businesses, clawing her way up the greasy career ladder to being the business manager on a £12m IT project, where she worked increasingly long hours with almost unbearable levels of stress, Karen realised there must be more to life. Having had a life-changing trip to the Antarctic in 2000, Karen took the plunge and began her journey to find a different way to live and to escape from the expectations she grew up with. After working in start-ups and becoming the owner and shareholder of a successful consultancy practice, Karen is now a freelance consultant.

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196 pages


Memoir, Adventure, Travel writing


Book Reviews

“Very inspiring and emotional at the same time. A must have for the bookshelf.”

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“It felt like I was with Karen on her Antarctic adventure. I love her earthy descriptions, comments and quotes also her resilience and positive take on life.”

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“The author has a talkative style which draws you in and keeps your interest. Her energy is infectious and her discoveries make you think about your own priorities.”

Amazon reviewer


“Very interesting and inspiring – she truly is a brave and adventurous lady.”

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