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Publisher and Anthologist Brenda Dempsey brings together 45 Voices to share their true stories of resilience, positivity and hope from a pandemic.

Sharing their experiences of surviving through a pandemic, and other stressful situations life throws at us, the 45 Voices come from all walks of life — from doctors and nurses, to parents and business owners — raising their voices and sharing their real-life inspirational stories, to show their bouncebackability and resilience.

Each of the contributors are New-Found Heroes in their own way, baring their souls and finding the courage to allow themselves to be vulnerable, in a pandemic that in many ways unites us.

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Brenda Dempsey

About the Author

Brenda Dempsey is an award-winning entrepreneur, anthologist, philanthropist, international bestselling author, master coach, and woman of influence. Since June 2020, she has been the CEO of Book Brilliance Publishing. Having a prominent and highly successful career behind her as an educator, Brenda is passionate about writing and publishing and putting authors at the heart of business growth to reach high levels of success.

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276 pages


Non-fiction; anthology; true stories

Book Reviews

“Resilient Voices is a new anthology of commentary about the 14 months of living in a pandemic situation with the threat of Covid-19 at the door. …  If you’re looking for the publication that shows you the other side of the pandemic, then this is the work for you.”

Dr Liz Walder FRSA, MCIPR
– Speaker, Thinker, Author, Researcher

“What an amazing collaboration of authors sharing their stories of resilience. There has never been a more timely book to help people as we experience so much change in the world.”

Amazon reviewer

“One of the most inspiring and fulfilling reads of 2021. Well done Brenda on such a wonderful book!”

Amazon reviewer