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Mastering the Wolf is a history of policing and law enforcement over the last 40-plus years in the UK and beyond.

In an engaging, gritty, and authentically moving memoir, with a career in public service that spans the Army, Northern Ireland, the effect and fall out of the Miners’ Strike, the Animal Liberation Front, undercover policing, domestic violence, child abuse and protection, the Task Force, and then Iraq, this book is a roller-coaster of a ride.

Fast-paced and packed with action and humour, Colin details the fear, loss, pain, sadness, and disappointment, amidst the pride, gratitude and overwhelming joy of the friendship and camaraderie felt from colleagues and the deep, unconditional love he feels for his children.

These are the words of a very compassionate man who has pursued in what he believes. Mastering the Wolf is a highly personal story of public service that will resonate with many.

“This is undoubtedly one of the truest and most candid accounts of what it means to provide service.”
Chris Ashford, Former Captain, Royal Artillery

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Colin Tansley

About the Author

Colin Tansley is a former soldier and police officer. Now retired from public service, he runs his own cyber security and investigations business. Colin has travelled widely in his professional capacity, imparting his skills and knowledge, even volunteering for a spell in post-war Iraq.

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375 pages


Non-fiction, Memoir, inspirational


Book Reviews

“What a journey of emotions, fantastic read that is brutally honest. From start to finish I couldn’t put this book down. I would recommend it to anyone!!”

Amazon reviewer

“A refreshingly honest account of life in public service. Well written and once started I found it hard to put down – it left me wanting more”

Amazon reviewer

“Absolutely brilliant read, I couldn’t put it down. Can highly recommend, well done to the author.”

Amazon reviewer

“Great read. Colin is very open and honest and talks through his own personal insight on his life. This is how he saw things and it’s his perspective on events that shaped his decisions in life for good or bad.”

Amazon reviewer