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Caroline Purvey MA (Ed) is a passionate, transformational leader, and a highly experienced independent Practitioner, who has evolved the programme offered by TRE UK® following profound experiences with clients worldwide. She is continually driven by the results of those that have learned the Total Release Experience®. Privileged to have discovered the many mysteries of the body to heal itself with a simple, empowering, primitive practice, she was inspired to share many of the stories.

‘They are powerful and inspiring. They are not mine to sit on. The time has come to encourage the world to change their mindset, find hope, and break the chains for their children.’

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Caroline Purvey

About the Author

Caroline Purvey’s life journey has led her to embark on a mission and share her passion, leading those suffering physically, mentally and emotionally to find a new freedom from the pain of their past, Caroline's work evolved through experience and she is now the expert in her particular field, combining her unique skills and experiences from business, teaching and therapy. She is driven to reach out globally with her message, that the answer to real inner peace and freedom from pain is inside us all.

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212 pages


Non-fiction; health & well-being; trauma; stress

Book Reviews

“TRE UK® has developed a programme to a high standard which is not seen anywhere else in Europe. Having worked with TRE UK® now for many years, I have seen the benefits of their work and the release and relief this can give to clients suffering the debilitating effects from PTSD.”

Mandy Bostwick MSc, MA, MBACP, ISSTD, Specialist Trauma Psychotherapist

“Anyone with an open mind, interested in an alternative to traditional therapies & medication should read this book. The author, Caroline Purvey, is positively evangelical about practicing TRE & how it can help everyone. Her frustration that so many people are needlessly suffering is strongly communicated. This thought provoking presentation includes powerful testimonials, not just from the clients who have clearly benefited but also from many qualified professionals…”

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“An extremely powerful book, from Caroline Purvey on her journey to helping people help themselves!”

Amazon reviewer

“Feel It to Heal It is an accessible way to understand the journey of healing that Caroline has been on herself, and that she has helped for facilitate for many people. The writing style is engaging, effective and joyful – Caroline’s drive to facilitate healing is obvious on every page. Several of the stories, especially those about people in the military or in prison situations, are particularly poignant.”

Amazon reviewer