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They are not afraid of challenges and breaking barriers; they found their courage. They are BIAS BREAKERS!

Bias breakers are individuals who have experienced or champion injustice in relation to culture, race, age, gender, sexuality, physical impairment, or neurodiversity. They share stories of victory. Bias Breakers bounce back with determination and adaptability. They need to be adaptable and resilient at the same time. Barriers are there to be smashed down.

Each one of us has a story to share. Some have more than one… Are you seeking the courage to share your story? Take a look inside…

The contributors are: Archna Gohil, Louise Slattery, Nirmala Bhojani, Jermaine Gregory, Dr Bijna Kotak Dasani MBE FRSA, Kate Wilson, Emma Jones, Bhanu Jadeja-Mahal, Pam Case, Alaska Harrison, Zishan Khan and Dr Andrea Malam BEM.

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Andrea Malam BEM

About the Author

Andrea Malam BEM is a multi- award-winning Leader in Diversity, author, speaker, role model, and trustee/founder of the charity Saving Dreams. She has it in her power to inspire others to achieve their goals with emotional support, connection and empowerment. Andrea lives in London and has two children.

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164 pages


Non-fiction; anthology; true stories; memoirs

Book Reviews

“Bias Breakers is one of those rare books that once you start reading, you find yourself drawn into a timeless world. … It is the richness of the stories from the inspiring contributors that makes this book so special.”

Kul Mahay
Leadership EQ and Culture Specialist
Public Speaking and Leadership Communications

“This wonderful book contains the stories of women and men who have all challenged bias. … I guarantee each story will leave the reader in awe and inspired by their personal stories. They certainly inspired me.”

Jackie Malton
Author of The Real Prime Suspect and inspiration for the character DCI Jane Tennison in Prime Suspect