About the book

An insightful memoir featuring Anglo-Indians around the world, and dreams built on the clash of cultures.

A must-read book revealing the changing perceptions whilst creating a new heritage.

“While the memories of the Anglo-Indians beyond the Indian shores fade, the need to preserve their stories is vital … Anglo-Indians Abroad is one such critical attempt to document this gap in stories.”

Vishwajeet Deshmukh
Lawyer and Historian of South Asia

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Andrea Malam BEM

About the Author

Andrea Malam BEM is a proud Anglo-Indian, now living in London with her husband and two children. She is a philanthropist, humanitarian, author, speaker, and Founder and CEO of the charity Saving Dreams.

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135 pages


Non-fiction; memoir; anthology


Book Reviews

“In a world where there are so many books being published every day, it is wonderful to find a book about Anglo-Indians across the globe. … A truly inspiring read.”

Sonal Dave
Award-Winning Celebrant, Toastmaster, Public Speaking Expert and Published Author