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A Lot of People Live in This House follows Rachel as she arrives at the house on the hill alone as Job attends a meditation retreat in India for two weeks to unpack his own grief. She’s greeted by housemates who smile, bring her cups of tea, and seem happy she’s there. She hates it. Not long after, Job is trapped in India by a virus that’s grounded just about every plane in the world.

As she falls apart, her new housemates rally to find a way to get Job home. Everything Rachel thought she knew about living with others flies out the window and leaves only one remaining truth: Life can be a lot at once, but you don’t have to do it alone.

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Bailey Merlin

About the Author

Bailey Merlin is a writer, librettist, and bi+ advocate. She holds an MFA in fiction from Butler University and an MS in Media, Medicine, and Health from Harvard Medical School. Based in Boston, Bailey lives in an intentional community with a dynamic cast of humans, a toddler, a dog, a cat, and a friendly ghost. A Lot of People Live in This House is her first novel.

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370 pages


Fiction; saga; communal living; friendship;
grief; belonging

Book Reviews

“Warm, witty, and original.”

– Suzanne Koven
Author, Letter to a Young Female Physician