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There were over 188,000 books published in the UK last year – and that does not include Kindle or e-books! So how can you entice the browser in a book shop or online to buy YOUR book?


Here are two examples of introductions or blurbs; the original, then a more interesting version and then finally, what I think is the best version. See what you think!



Not engaging:

Welcome to the second edition of my book. Much has happened since I had the idea for a book which could help people rediscover the confidence and find new opportunities in their professional and personal lives. Many have lost their way and don’t know which way to turn or where to look.



Welcome to the second edition of my book. Much has happened since I had the idea for a book which could help YOU rediscover the confidence and find new opportunities in YOUR professional and personal life. Have YOU lost your way and are not sure which way to turn, or indeed where to look??



This book is for you if:

You want to boost your confidence in your personal life

You want to find new opportunities in your professional life

You need guidance going forwards

You need tools to help you when faced with a bewildering array of choices

You need clarity when events overwhelm you and you feel like giving up




Not engaging:

The purpose of this book is to offer a practical self-help guide about how to excel at public-speaking and to get services across to a wider audience.



This book hopes to offer YOU a practical self-help guide to enable YOU to excel at presenting and public-speaking and to help YOU get YOUR ideas, products or services to a wider audience.



This book is for you if:

You need confidence in presenting your ideas and products

You clam up when you speak to more than a couple of people at once

You need to clarify your ideas so that in turn when you speak your audience feels engaged

You avoid public speaking even if it is to the detriment of your business and your brand

You need a clear and fool-proof system that works for YOU

You need to boost your confidence in both your personal and professional life


What is also vital to use is ‘buddy’ language as it will give your reader the confidence that they are in safe hands and will make them feel that you are by their side. Such as:

‘Come with me as I offer you a clear path for you at this challenging time.’

‘I offer you guidance and advice and will be with you each and every step of the way.’

‘Let me give you some tried and tested tools that you can use in whatever situation you find yourself in.’

‘I hope you enjoy the journey we’ll take together.’

‘Join me on the journey to the new you.’


I hope you can see what I am getting at! The reader needs to feel engaged from the off. Your reader needs to feel that you are speaking to them personally and that you are offering them a solution to their problem. Otherwise, they are likely to put your book down in the bookshop and move onto the next one in the pile, or will click on the next link on Amazon.


Good Luck!


Olivia – Editorial Director