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By Julie Miles Lewis

In the next instalment of Meet the Author, we meet Julie Miles Lewis. Julie is an international professional speaker, seasoned explorer, and bestselling author. She’s most at home in nature and loves helping individuals, teams and organisations unlock their highest, healthiest, and most resilient potential.

Julie’s book Uncharted Waters: Discover Your Hidden Depths is out on 29th April. Julie will be signing copies of her book at the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair in the UAE, where she lives.

Describe your book in 30-50 words.

Uncharted Waters is a unique exploration of self through the element of water. It’s a compass and guide to living a fuller and more connected life. It’s a positive anchor for anyone going through the stormy waters of change and transition. Through the stories, quotes and journal prompts, readers have access to a sea of wisdom to help them ride the waves of new possibilities, optimal health and crystal-clear clarity. 

Why did you want to write a book?

I published my first book (Moving Mountains: Discover the Mountain in You) in 2016 and was keen to write a big sister for it – cue Uncharted Waters!

Nature is food and oxygen for me so to be able to create books that focus on the transformative power of mountains and water is my contribution to the beautiful planet we call home. My experience in the mountains and in water has brought such richness to my life; I would like to offer that richness to a wider audience through the books!

Watch this space for book number three, all about Forest Wisdom. 

Who is your book aimed at?

Uncharted Waters is aimed at curious open-minded entrepreneurs, women and men who are ready to embark on a powerful journey of self-reflection and personal growth. Those with a passion for water and marine life will be able to connect more deeply with the wisdom of water in terms of embracing change, finding flow, building resilience, and boosting mental and emotional well-being. It’s an interactive guide to learning more about oneself through the elixir of life – WATER. Readers are leaders and leaders are readers. 

What is your vision for the book?

The vision for the book is for it to be the foundation for a series of talks, masterclasses, retreats and expeditions to offer people the opportunity to learn more about themselves through water, spend more time in, on and around water and be inspired to become an environmental steward. Water gives life to everything: no water, no life!  

In addition to the book, I will be creating a journal, guidance cards and, later this year, a short documentary to highlight the content and share with a wider global audience.  

What is your favourite book and why?

I have so many favourite books. I find that over the years my interests have changed in terms of the topics I look for.  I love personal development books that expand my mind and give me new ideas and strategies to make my business, health and life more effective.
I am currently reading Atomic Habits by James Clear and Fast Like a Girl by Dr. Mindy Pelz. I am a big fan of Robin Sharma’s books and Eastern philosophy, and can be found hovering in the mind-body-spirit, business and personal development bookshelves most weekends!!!