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Life is a journey. Scrub that… life is an adventure. It certainly is when you finally find the courage to write and publish that book within you that others have yet to dare write. It might as well be you! Many paths, terrains, and landscapes you come across along the way rely on GRIT: the inner strength honed by finding the guts to say yes to an aspiration that burns within, the unyielding resilience to ensure your bouncebackability when you meet road closures, blockages and potholes that make up the big adventure. The core integrity sparks the intentions you set, and know that enjoying the ride is all part of the gig. Finally, you tap into the tenacity that fuels your drive and determination to the end, no matter what. Buckle up; the road trip of a lifetime is about to begin!

Whether you have true grit at the start of your journey, you dared to turn on the ignition for the Author’s Adventure™ and the road ahead. It is not the destination that is the bigger prize, but your aspiration of authorship that creates who you become throughout the adventure. Part of that journey also challenges you when reaching diversions. Do you take the less travelled path or choose a familiar and safe one? Bold action is required here. Taking the road less travelled is often essential as that is where you find unexpected results, an inspiring landscape and growth beyond your wildest dreams. By achieving your goal, you solidify your GRIT, ready for the wildest ride beyond your book. The evolution of a purpose brings the most significant meaning, joy and peace — a beautiful place to appreciate.

A long journey often presents the opportunity to meet people as you stop to refuel, refresh and rejuvenate. In those connections, you are frequently surprised by your similarities, and they often end with the exchange of mobile numbers so that conversations and new relationships develop further. Without the courage to begin your journey, you will lose these opportunities.

As time passes, your introspection grows as you learn much about yourself and the vehicle you drive, thus strengthening your inner compass from the landscapes you encounter across the miles. The brave adventure always reaps the rewards.

The transformation is the most fabulous prize, not the book or authorship your hidden aspiration revealed when the timing was right and you made it your priority. While the destination is crucial to your goals and aspirations, you soon realise it is the continuous journey beyond your book where the absolute joy, purpose and meaning illuminate the landscape ahead.

Who you become along the way leads to servant leadership. Your values ignite your purpose, and your passion fuels your mission. The result of this ensures a win-win-win situation.  As you bring to life your story, philosophy, and legacy in the pages of your book, you will also turn those pages into profit by adding value to the reader and those who enter your life beyond your book.

All adventures teach you a thing or two, and you will not be surprised to discover your confidence soars, your voice amplifies, and you ascend into the realms of those you once looked up to for guidance, mentorship and answers. It is your time. It is your turn to be that influence in the lives of others. Your expertise and words inspire them into action, and most of all, when you speak to audiences or your followers read your book, the impression resonates like the unending ripples eeking outward from the impact you made when you published your book.

Unleash Your Brilliance

Brenda Dempsey

Founder & CEO, Book Brilliance Publishing