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By Colin Tansley

In the next instalment of Meet the Author, we meet Colin Tansley. Colin is a former soldier and police officer. Now retired from public service, he runs his own cyber security and investigations business.

Colin is the author of Mastering the Wolf and the soon-to-be-released The Little Book of Wolfie Wisdom. https://colintansley.com/books/

Describe your book in less than 30-50 words.

Mastering the Wolf is a memoir and takes the reader on a journey through my life, but mostly my career in the military and the police service. It has been described by readers as a journey of emotions, brutally honest, gritty, and difficult to put down.

Why did you want to write a book?

I loved reading as a child and still have many of the books my parents bought for me. I’ve always had an ambition to write one myself, and in 2022 I fulfilled that ambition with Mastering the Wolf. Book number two will soon be on the shelves [The Little Book of Wolfie Wisdom, 17th October 2023).

Who is your book aimed at?

I think it has a broad appeal; many of my former police colleagues have read it and provided great feedback. But I think anyone who wants to understand more about public service, the experiences, the highs and the lows, would find it highly interesting.

What is your vision for your book?

I think every author would love their book to be a bestseller, but it is a tough marketplace out there. Primarily for me though, I just want to be able to tell my story, provide motivation for others, talk about adversity and that tough times can be overcome.

What is your favourite book and why?

Great question and there are so many books I could talk about. As a kid I loved the Biggles stories, for the adventure, and The Wind in the Willows, which was a book my father gave me.

But the standout book for me is A Soldier’s Way by the late Colin Powell, a man who came from nothing and achieved so much. His values around self-discipline, family, leadership, and responsibility chime with me. I was also lucky enough to meet him in Baghdad, Iraq, during my time there as a police adviser which makes it resonate even more.