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By Julie Lewis

Julie is an adventurer, expedition leader, speaker, facilitator and author, and we are looking forward to publishing her book, Unchartered Waters. Here, she talks about how travel is the perfect antidote for writer’s block.

Travelling around the world to boost creativity and inspiration for a book is one of my passions, but it’s also part of the work I do as an expedition leader.  Being exposed to new cultures and experiences that are very different from my own helps me gain fresh perspectives and insights to enrich my writing, my workshops, and my speaking engagements. Stunning landscapes, wildlife, local customs, traditions, art, and culture are a magical mix to spark creativity.

Getting away from everyday life and the distractions that come along with it, helps me focus better on our goals, our life, and our writing. My recent Way of Water & whale watching retreat in Maui was my way of diving deeper into the element of water and life beneath the waves for my forthcoming book Uncharted Waters – Discover Your Hidden Depths.

Maui is known for its magical energy and abundance of nature. Over a period of five days, I had time to be still and silent. I received several messages from the water, whales, dolphins, turtles, and the volcano. I experienced a heightened sense of wonder and appreciation for nature, for water and, in particular, for whales. Expanded ideas for my book began to flow! I also started painting during the retreat and have now added this to my daily creative rituals.

Water is an important element in Hawaiian culture and is considered a great source of healing and renewal. Swimming in the crystal-clear waters, snorkelling over coral reefs, watching the waves crash against the shore, falling asleep and waking up to the sound of the ocean gifted me peace, tranquillity, and a renewed sense of clarity for my book.


The concept of a ‘third place’ for writers refers to a space that is not home, or the office, but is a creative and comfortable environment to write, find inspiration and a sense of community, a kind of home away from home. It can be a coffee shop, library, or a co-working space sometimes where there is potential to meet other creatives/ writers and exchange ideas (writers often speak of feeling isolated and alone at home!).

I have found third places in Ras Al Khaimah, Portugal and Maui and have left each of them with an expanded vision to be shared with the world later this year.

When you need a creative boost, take a walk, take a trip, or immerse yourself in the elements, your book will unravel for the reader.