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Satwinder Sagoo

The success of any author is not just down to writing an excellent book; it’s about the journey behind writing that book.

J.K. Rowling, who wrote Harry Potter, went on a journey of near poverty, having no money, not being able to feed her, suffering depression, anxieties and feeling worthless. She also suffered rejection after rejection before becoming a successful billionaire author.

When I wrote my book, entitled “Unleash Your Inner Power” I had many obstacles in my path on the journey to launch. My money situation was dire, and I was falling behind with many bills. I was knocked back by many top leaders and authors insisting that it was pointless me writing a book as I had no established image and my stories were not powerful enough. This caused me to lose motivation and put aside the project, almost deciding not to pursue authorhood at all.

But then came the magic moment…

I had to take responsibility for how I felt, including my actions. I decided to take the original manuscript, which was just a quotes book, dissect it and made it more personal, incorporating stories of challenges I had faced in my life. I decided to ignore the naysayers and ‘focus on ME’. I set a deadline for February 25th 2020 for my book launch. Everything was going well, however, at the turn of 2020 my long term partner and I sadly split due to circumstances beyond both our control. This put me in a very dark place, but then I had to look up to the stars and realise my true self-worth. Only 5 days after being inexplicably phased out, I revealed my book, held a successful launch on February 25th and became an Amazon best-selling author.

The key points here that we need to remember are these:

  1. Always set out to finish what you start, the mountain you are climbing is hard work indeed, but the view at the top is beautiful. Finish the job.
  2. Never let anyone make you feel worthless and believe you can’t do something you feel passionate about. Your mantra is your creation to live by, not anyone else’s to destroy.
  3. Never Give up. Yes, life will send you challenges but by responding positively to those challenges actually makes you a success, not a failure. The success of any author is not just down to writing an excellent book; it’s about the journey behind writing that book.


“No matter how big life’s challenges are, it’s important to be bigger than anything thrown at you.”

Unleash Your Inner Power!

Satwinder Sagoo