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    By Brenda Dempsey

    When was the last time you felt so confident that what you were doing was carried out with ease and grace?  It was part of who you are…it was second nature to you, and you did not have to think.

    This is the state of flow or Soul Confidence.

    It is that time and space when you are in perfect alignment with your Heart, Mind and Soul.   This harmony creates a channel that makes your energy flow with ease and grace.

    You know when you achieve a skill or just feel something from your very core that is subsumed into your subconscious like driving a car, riding and bike or even talking on stage.  You do it with Flair, Radiance, and Energy; an Elegance that is Class at its finest.  You shine such brilliance in your zone of genius.

    Soul Confidence can be achieved when you truly connect each element of your BEing (Heart, Mind and Soul).  Tapping into your authentic self with the courage to face your truth and boldly sharing your genius with others and the world creates a level of Soul Confidence that is so charismatic, inspiring and genuine that others will flock to the light that you dare to radiate.

    The keys are Mindset Mastery; Universal connection beginning with self; and awakening your awareness to the limitless possibilities that inspire you into action driven by love, purpose and passion.

    The Art of Business Brilliance is applying this Soul Confidence to all elements of your business.  This is juxtaposed with developing business knowledge and skills that in turn feed your Soul Confidence awakening the realisation that one cannot exist without the other.  It’s a bit like the chicken and the egg.  What comes first?

    Without appearing I am repeating myself, oh well I will; it’s the alignment of this energy associated with Heart, Mind and Soul connected to knowledge skills and action that is the ultimate ingredient of success.  The consequence of this is greater Confidence, Conviction and Clarity.

    Of course, action will make it happen and take you from one level of business to another.  

    Consider Andy Murray, tennis player.  He does not merely work on his skills of tennis alone, but he develops stamina, strength and a winning mindset to put him at the very top of his game.  Without working on each of these elements to the nth degree, he would simply be another ordinary tennis player instead of the extraordinary world-class champion that he is.

    In my experience, no matter what level of business knowledge and skill you possess, i.e. Business Degree, MBA or a Doctorate, without building Soul Confidence and taking aligned action, you will remain simply a hard working business owner.  Don’t be surprised to find yourself on the proverbial hamster wheel once again.

    BEing and Soul Confidence are intertwined.  If you are happy, prosperous and free, then your BEing is full of confidence.  Likewise, Soul Confidence creates happiness, prosperity and freedom.  This is why it’s crucial to work on yourself in parallel to increasing knowledge, honing skills and practising taken aligned action each day.

    It is clear then to see that flow is created when all of these aspects are in alignment, and a harmonious level of energy is made to maintain such a flow through your aligned action on what it is you love doing while serving others in the process.