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By Brenda Dempsey


Whether you are an Author, Speaker or Entrepreneur you know doubt have faced procrastination, imposter syndrome and overwhelm.  Here is a little insight into how you can nurture your intrinsic motivation to keep you going and getting things done.  It’s easier than you think and you will love the process too.

I remember learning about Intrinsic and Extrinsic motivation at university during my B.ED (Hons) degree and postgraduate SEN Diploma.

The kind of motivation that endures all things is intrinsic. It takes courage, time and effort to connect within and develop a number of traits that culminate in fostering intrinsic motivation.

I love travelling back in time to my inner child. Here lie many secrets to your inner power. More often than not as an adult – especially in the world of business – you often spuriously negate the importance and significance of this developing time in your life.

As a child you had fun, took risks, were curious and found the joy of life in small pleasures. You were a free spirit. The truth is you are still that free spirit if you allow yourself to be.

You get all serious, straight-faced as feel that finding the fun, laughing and being care-free does not equate to being responsible. I beg to differ. It is essential to your mental health and well-being that you do find the time and inject these elements into your life on a daily basis.

You see intrinsic motivation is the driver that keeps your going. Why? It’s the feeling of happiness, joy and satisfaction you seek to connect with that fuels you. It’s considering the end result and the feeling attached to that which motivates you to even start.

When you allow your thoughts to jeopardise your feeling of happiness that your decisions are clouded and you choose something different because you either don’t know different or you are too bothered about what others might think or say.

That’s their lookout. It’s your perception of you that counts. You know who you are, and if you don’t then we definitely need to talk.

So today, I’ve sat down at my computer and without thinking – remember thinking can often me the enemy and companion of procrastination – and took action and did the tasks I had been either putting off or not getting around to during the week.

Boy, do I feel good! I CAN do and achieve whatever I put my mind to in a flash.

The proof I need to think less and do more.

Productivity increase all the way.

Have fun doing whatever you choose today. Remember to nurture your intrinsic motivation to power you to success.