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Brenda Dempsey
By Brenda Dempsey

Authors need to be seen, heard and noted!  How else will your raving fans find out about you and your latest book?

Every author should have an online presence before they even start to write their book. Starting your business with your best foot forward will make you feel much happier. Here are five pointers as to why you should make sure you get yourself a website for greater visibility, presence and sales!

  1. All authors should have an online presence to leverage their sales position.

In this current climate you need an online presence to attract and increase your audience; to inspire fervent interest leading to more sales. It is a prime way to develop a relationship with your potential buyer, encourage them to get to know, like and trust you as well as to speak to them directly.

  • A website is the best and easiest way to get you known.  

Everyone has a signature and your URL is exactly the same for your online presence.  It identifies you online, giving the audience a place to visit you as your home on the web.  Your website is also your address for people to contact you.  As an author, you need a shop window.  Having a website will provide people with a great way of seeing you. It’s important that you use precise key words to help your audience find you as they search the web.

  • Managing your web presence and online traffic helps you know your client!

Updating your website regularly will inform your audience what is happening month by month, as you gather momentum with the marketing of your book.  Using the data from your website analytics will provide a window into who visits, what pages they look at, how long they stay on the page and what they bought from you online. This is exactly what you need, to know so you can adjust your website copy to further entice your audience to stay, browse and buy.

  • Transpose your words to the web, bite size, for a greater sales reach!

You’ve either written your book or about to!  Making the transition from page to web is going to be even simpler when you deliver your copy in bite sized chunks of information.  Specifically designed you can create pages and sections to illustrate not just your book but how you are using your book to develop your business.  Therefore creating the environment for greater sales!

  • A website indicates the professional quality of your business.

With sleek design, easy to read and understand copy, and a simple functionality of your website, will indicate much about your professionalism as an author.  Attention to detail is essential to keep your visitors browsing through your pages. With a clean, informative and captivating appearance your website will give you that professional quality edge.

You, your face, your book, your website, your client, your sale!

The reasoning behind why specifically authors should have an online presence is to directly give their writing a special place and platform.  A website provides the author with the freedom to be more creative.   My belief in the power of the online industry to increase presence and sales has improved greatly with my experience which stems across 15 years.

‘To be or not to be’ William Shakespeare’s words has many philosophical connotations!  Though in this case it is definitely ‘To Be’ in print and online.